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Taking TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam is a difficult and dreadful experience. We know this because we too have gone through the process numerous times in the past. Unfortunately the test has just gotten increasingly difficult over the years, as changes and alterations have been made to the format.

The latest high hurdle is the newly-added speaking section. Speaking in English is stressful enough for most non-native speakers; speaking out loud to a computer while under a strict time limit is nerve-wracking. The best way to handle this is to practice, practice, and practice.

Many language schools offer the TOEFL prep courses to do just that: drill students hard with the practice questions until they gain confidence. As you know all too well, this is not easy to accomplish. TOEFL CDs are inconvenient and difficult and it's hard to simulate the test environment.

We developed TEFLspeaking.com to help language schools improve the quality of their TOEFL prep courses and offer both instructors and students a simple solution for better TOEFL test preparation. We have proven experience in both language learning and technology innovations. We have applied our experience to TEFLspeaking.com to ensure that you get the most value for your investment.

We look forward to hearing from you for questions or suggestions, please contact us at info@TEFLspeaking.com

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