1. How do I sign up an account at

We'll set it up for you. Please send us an email at We'll send you the login ID and password within 1 business day and call you to get you started.

2. How do you charge for the service?

It's free to sign up a demo account for a trial. If you decide to use it after the free trial, it costs $25 per student.

3. How do I pay for the service?

Two weeks after your students have signed in, we send you an electronic invoice. You can pay either by credit card or check.

4. How do I cancel my account?

The account information is controlled through the account page. From the account page you have the option to cancel the account.

Note that the cancellation of the account is irreversible.

2.0 TOEFL Question Sets and Course

1. Where do I find the TOEFL speaking question sets?

You can find the TOEFL question sets at the Course page. Depending on the TOEFL textbook you use, we'll create a course for you under the book title. For example "Barron's TOEFL iBT Prep Course". Under the course, the question sets are displayed in six-question per set format on the Quiz page, or in one-question format individually on the Practice page.

2. Can I create my own course and add the practice questions to it?

Yes, teachers can create courses by clicking the "Add Course" button on the right-hand menu.

3. What can I do with the course I created?

You can design and record exercises and quizzes and assign them to the students who are enrolled in the course.

4. What happens to the course after I archive it?

After a course is archived you will be able to review all exercises, quizzes and other materials that you and your students created within that course. However, you will not be able to add anything new to the course.

Courses may be archived by clicking the "Edit Course" button on the right-hand menu after logging in and selecting a course.

5. Who can access to the students' work in each course?

Only the teacher who owns the course has access to the students' work. Other teachers, and students do not have access to any student's work.

3.0 Practice & Quiz

1. How long can one record when creating or submitting material?

There is no limit on the length of any recording. However, each TOEFL speaking question has its own time limit.

2. How can I assign the Practice or Quiz to the students?

Material can be assigned on the same page that the practice exercise or quiz was created. By default new Practices and Quizzes are in "Draft" status. To assign them, you need to change the status to "Published" by clicking the "Published button". When new material is published, an email notice is sent to all registered students of the course. The assignment is then available for the students to work on.

3. Can I download the audio files I recorded when developing the questions in Practice and Quiz onto my computer?

Currently the recording format does not support the downloading of audio. We are working on MP3 integration, however, that will allow students and teachers to download an easily playable audio file.

4.0 Teacher & Student

1. How do I add or delete students to my course?

The addition and removal of students is controlled through the Student tab. Clicking on the Student tab in the top navigation takes you to the Student page. Through the Student page you are able to add students in two separate ways: either through entering student email addresses, or providing students with an sign-up address and your four-digit course code (both of which are highlighted on the Student page.) Once a student has registered using your course code, they will have access to all of the course assignments.

With the Student tab you may also remove a student, by selecting the delete button on the corresponding row of the student's name.

2. How do I add other teachers to my account?

Account owners can add additional teachers to a course through the Accounts page. If you are the account owner, on the Accounts page you will see a button labelled "Add Teachers" in the Teachers section. You will be asked to enter the teacher's email address, and upon submission they will receive an email with their login and temporary password.

3. How can teacher review students' submission and offer feedback?

All student submissions are listed on your course dashboard. Next to any submitted material is a number, if you click it you will go to the submission page, where you can review it and offer feedback. You can either offer audio feedback by recording your comments, or written feedback by typing a response in the "Note" field. After you submit feedback the student will be notified via email and can then review your response.

5.0 Recording (View the 'How to Record' tutorial).

1. How does the recorder work?

The best way to start is to view our "How To Record" tutorial.

We use Web-based digital recording. You do not need download any software from us. All you need is a Flash, which is usually pre-installed in your computer (If not, download it from Adobe's website here). You may simply hit the Record button when you are ready to start recording, and Stop when you are finished. After you have finished, you may click the Play button to review and potentially re-record if the quality is not to your liking. The recording is automatically saved on our server, and can be accessed from any computer with Internet connection anywhere.

You are required to have a microphone attached to your computer (either built-in or external) in order to use the recording features.

2. When clicking the Record button I get an "Adobe Flash Payer" notice. What should I do?

When trying to record, you may be presented with the following popup:

"Camera and Microphone Access: is requesting access to your camera and microphone. If you click Allow, you will be recorded."

This is to ensure that you are never recorded without your explicit permission. Adobe Flash Player will always ask you to confirm that you are willing to grant the access to your microphone. Simply click Allow and you will be able to use the digital recorder.

3. Where is my recording saved?

All recordings are automatically saved to our servers. All recordings are private and cannot be accessed by anyone except the designated teacher and student account holders.

4. Why is there no sound in my recording?

There are several possibilities as to why you may have difficulty recording. The most common issue is failure to click the "Allow" button when the Adobe Flash Player asks for permission to use your microphone.

If you have clicked Allow and still have difficulty, ensure that your microphone is connected to your computer and functioning properly.

Finally, ensure that your microphone has not been put on "mute" through your computer's audio control settings.

5. What if I'm not happy with what I recorded the first time?

You can record as many times as you wish until you're satisfied with the result. Simply click the Record button to start over, and re-record your entry. The new recording will automatically overwrite the existing one.

6. How long can one record when creating or submitting material?

There is no limit on the length of any recording. However, each TOEFL speaking question has its own time limit.

7. How do I save my recording?

The recording is automatically saved after you have pressed the Stop button. It will be saved and stored unless you chose to overwrite the recording by hitting the Record button again.

More questions? Please send us an email at